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Survivor X is a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by DualFuelStudios, with Jordan Dowling as the CEO and only developer.

Survivor X was originally a school project back in 2016, then in 2017 Jordan receiving a GTX 1080 TI thanks to Unreal Engine and Nvidia for winning the outstanding award in November 2017 (Find out more here) originally under the name of Patient X.

Since leaving high school, getting the grades Jordan wanted, he then attended university to get a degree in Graphics Design of which he continued to use the staged game at the time to study, research and develop the game into an actual product to pitch as his final piece of which he would then graduate in June 2019.

Jordan always wanted to develop a game he enjoyed and grow a community from that, achieving his game development diploma achieving an A*, Survivor X went from a research project to now an in-development game.

The community he has built are supportive and super involved with Survivor X and Jordan. Giving helpful feedback and also informative feedback in Tests ran to test hardware and gameplay.

Survivor X began actual development early 2018 using Unreal Engine 4, Using the research of marketing, development ideas, and various other research documents Jordan had gathered through the 5+ years of producing marketing materials in school and university.

A Pre-Alpha is in progress to be dated for Q2-Q3 2020 this may change with time. There are always hurdles to get over when doing solo development so Jordan has also made sure that he has the correct connections in terms of programmers and also modelling friends. Jordan is heavily passionate about performance and survival games so you can expect Survivor X to run smoothly on systems.